Company Overview

JEM America Corp. is a subsidiary of JEM (Japan Electronic Materials Corporation), a world leader in probe card manufacturing. Established in May of 1987, JEM America is a supplier of technically advanced, high-quality probe cards and tester interfaces. Probe cards are electronic interface cards used for testing semiconductors. They play a vital role in the final production process of semiconductor wafers.


JEM America offers the engineering expertise and test knowledge needed to rapidly deliver complete probing solutions to you. We manufacture a diversified line of probing products: cantilever, vertical and special-applications probe cards. Our probe cards are used in technologies such as Linear, Memory, Gate Array, Microprocessor, Power IC, ASIC, LCD driver, Thermal Head, Diode, Optical IC, ECL, and GaAs. We aim to become the world's leading supplier particularly in the field of advanced probe cards, such as the VC-Series vertical cards and the high-parallelism VH-Series vertical cards. As part of a complete probing solution, we also have cleaning products to meet your probe card maintenance requirements. In addition, we offer custom design and fabrication services for printed circuit boards, motherboards, and other types of interface boards.

Global Support

Recognizing that we need to be close to our customers to provide prompt effective technical support and fast delivery services, the JEM Group has been expanding its facilities globally. Currently, we have sales and manufacturing facilities in the US, Europe, Japan, Taiwan, China, Korea, and Singapore. JEM America's facility is location at Fremont, California.

Research & Development

JEM is renowned for its innovative probing technologies. Our Research & Development policy is to foresee market needs 5 years ahead and to systematically seek innovative ideas. Our R&D effort is focused in areas such as pad pitch, high parallelism configuration, and probe material improvement. Equipped with the latest equipment, our R&D teams in Japan and the US strive to bring new, improved probing solutions to meet the ever-increasing frequency, density, thermal requirements as well as device complexity in a timely manner.

Quality Commitment

JEM America has a strong quality commitment to our customers. Each of our products goes through a rigorous in-process and out-going quality analysis to ensure that it meets customer's specifications. In an effort to bring our quality standard to a higher level, we decided to obtain the ISO certification. In 2003, we successfully achieved ISO9001:2000 Certification for the design, manufacturing and sales of probe cards. Our certification was upgraded to ISO9001:2015 in 2017.(10002664 QM15)

Our Mission

It is JEM America's mission to provide advanced technical products and worldwide services of the highest quality and value. We strive to exceed our customers' expectations in order to build long-term relationships.

To achieve any of the goals of this long-term mission, we must always be guided by integrity. This means that we must try to make decisions that consider the interests of our customers as well as those of our employees and of our company as a whole.


Our Environmental Philosophy

We, JEM America, recognize that keeping harmony with the environment is one of our fundamental obligations. In all respects, we will conduct our business in an environmentally friendly manner and with integrity and competence.

According to our environmental philosophy, JEM America will follow these operating principles:

·          We will contribute to society by developing and offering power electronic products to save energy and conserve resources.

·          We will establish and effectively operate an environmental management system.

·          We will comply with all environmental laws and regulations. We will also observe environmental requirements from customers, industry guidelines, and our agreements.

·          We will continuously strive to promote environmental protection activities in a cost effective manner.

·          At all of our business sites, we will make efforts to save energy, conserve resources, reduce waste, promote waste recycling, prevent chemical contamination and protect the living   environment of our neighbors.

·          We will monitor hazardous substances contained in our products and work towards reducing these substances.

·          We will promote "green" procurement of parts, materials and office supplies.

·          We will encourage dialogue and cooperation with our community, the governmental authorities, and our customers and suppliers.

·          This Environmental Policy will be communicated to all JEM America employees and will be disclosed to the general public.

Waste Disposal and Recycling

Waste Disposal
Type of Wastes Company Disposal Frequency
Solvents, Flammable Liquids CESQG Waste Disposal Monthly
Photo Fixer CESQG Waste Disposal Once every 2-3 months
Batteries CESQG Waste Disposal Occasionally
Fluorescent Tubes/Lamps CESQG Waste Disposal Seldomly


Type of Materials Company/Supplier Recycling Frequency
Computer/electronic waste Mobius computers as needed
Paper, shred confidential docs Shred-it approx. yearly
shipping mat'ls (popcorn, boxes, bubble wrap) Waste Management reuse or recycle weekly
Metal shavings/scrap, PCB scrap America Metal and Iron quarterly
AK-225 PSC Phillips Corp. as needed/ min 5 can

Fines and Penalties;    JEM America has never been cited or fined for any environmental violations.

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