Quality Assurance Policy

With the goal of providing quality and reliable products and services to our customers, JEM America strives to maintain a high quality standard by implementing a Quality Assurance Policy throughout the corporation. Below are some highlights of our QA Policy:

  • Develop a quality system based on ISO standards to promote continuous process improvement and problem prevention.
  • Implement multiple in-process quality checks throughout manufacturing phase.
  • Invest in the latest equipment for outgoing quality analysis to ensure all products are built to specs.
  • Give all employees the training and support needed to provide quality products and services to customers.
  • Form relationships with vendors that will improve quality in all aspects of product usage and purchased parts.
  • Utilize Statistical Process Control (SPC) methods to monitor quality performance and isolate major problems for immediate solution.
  • All QA engineers/technicians are API certified.
  • All measuring equipment is NIST traceable.

Outgoing QA Analysis

During outgoing quality analysis, we perform visual inspection and/or functional inspection on each probe card. Functional inspection is performed with Applied Precision's probe card analyzing system such as PRV, PRVX, PRVX2 and the latest ProbeWoRx to ensure probe card correlation and performance. Standard functional test includes leakage, planarity, wiring, contact resistance and alignment. Additional inspection such as overlay and probe force can be performed upon customer's request.

We have a wide variety of motherboards that are used in conjunction with the probe card analyzing systems. Below is the list of the tester types supported by our motherboards. If you have inquiry about a particular tester platform, please contact your local JEM sales representative or JEM America directly.

  • Advantest
  • Ando
  • Agilent
  • Asia
  • Credence
  • LTX
  • Schlumberger
  • Teradyne
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